Blogads stir opinion makers

We pioneered blog advertising in 2002. Since then, we've helped thousands of advertisers thrash their competition by engaging social media influencers through effective, affordable, social creative.

OVER 3 BILLION IMPRESSIONS FROM THE INTERNET ELITE Our network includes premiere sites like PerezHilton, Dailykos, Wonkette, MichelleMalkin, Dlisted, CuteOverload, and over 50 niches of blogs. Our depth of over 3,500 blogs guarantees you'll be able to reach the right audience for your product. Bloggers and their readers are mavens, influencers and insiders. Densely networked and brainstorming together at the speed of light, they are the epicenter of American wired culture.

DO IT YOURSELF SYSTEM WITH COMPREHENSIVE OPTIMIZATION AND CAMPAIGN TRACKING In a few simple steps you can find the perfect blogs for your campaign, upload and schedule ads, pay, and track results. You're able to run multiple ad creatives, assign each creative to run on specific days and give them specific weights- so you can update your ads real-time according to what connects best with the audience.

SUPERIOR AD UNITS We support a broad range of ad types, including our proprietary unit, the blogad, more traditional IAB units (leaderboards, rectangles, etc), and the wildly web 2.0 "live-link" unit, which allows advertisers to harness the power of Twitter or blogrolls via RSS feeds, or our own custom designed video skins. Combining a sharp image with multi-linked text, the blogad is specially designed to fit each blog's design while providing maximum impact with the audience. Smart blogads thrash cliched IAB units in ROI and buzz. This study lends weight to the effectiveness of the Blogad unit.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Our excellent team transforms an advertiser's unique strengths and objectives into revolutionary online executions. These include custom-designed sites and creative, widgets, apps, video ad creation, flash animations, community development, off-line event planning, unique site integration.

HAPPY CLIENTS We work with national brands ranging from Fox, CBS, ACLU, AutoAlliance, HBO, Svedka, Simon & Schuster, Lionsgate, and Showtime, to American Apparel, Modcloth, Sony, Expedia, GE Aviation and Doritos. Read what loyal advertisers say about working with us.

Need help planning a campaign? Call 1-(919)-636-4551 or write blogads-sales@blogads.com to start the conversation!