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Great Music Ads
The New Jessica Simpson single "A Public Affair"

Click here to listen!
Real | QT | WM: lo - hi

New Album In Stores 8/29!

Pre-order now and get
+ automatic entry in sweeps to win a trip to hang with Jessica
+ free DVD (not for sale)
+ free download of the single for your iPod!

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***LISTEN UP! - MP3s
"Hypnotic." - E. Weekly
Visit Official Site

"Spellbinding."- E. Weekly
Download "Micael"

"Soulful and bittersweet" - SF WEEKLY
Download "Hi"


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Music That Matters
"The catís out of the bag
And it ainít never going back
Your plan has hit a snag
Itís fallen off the track
I got a tell on you"
--"Fear Country"
T Bone Burnet, 2006

Click to listen to ďFear Country" from The True False Identity

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Free Sidestepper mp3
Latin club heat
+ Drum & Bass rush
+ Tropical percussion
+ horns, lots of horns
= Sidestepper

Download "Paloma", the new single from their forthcoming album

Visit Sidestepper on Myspace

Get Sidestepper on iTunes

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Here's My Song...
"Song marks an exciting direction for the Swedish singer/songwriter, Nicolai Dunger.

Credit that to backing band Mercury Rev!"

Watch the video for "Hunger" by Nicolai Dunger.

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The Subways
"...the Subways threaten the Arctic Monkeys' position as the hottest band out of the U.K. RollingStone

"The sexiest thing to sweep Rock n' Roll off its feet in years." NME

As featured on The OC performing "Rock & Roll Queen".

"Young for Eternity" in stores on Valentine's Day.

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The Black Magic Show
+ New album The Black Magic Show available at iTunes today.

+ Available in stores on April 18th.

+ Currently on tour with BRMC

+ New album recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Don Gilmore and mixed in New York by Andy Wallace.

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"another astounding ambient masterpiece that combines beautiful soundscapes, esoteric beats, and the perfect hint of vocals"

"flawless and exotic"

"A top-notch piece of discreet chillout music"

Listen to clips of William Orbit's new album, Hello Waveforms, then get it here.

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Michael Stipe & Guests Sing for Gulf Coast Relief.

Michael and many special guests cover IN THE SUN

6 Song E.P.
Available exclusively at iTunes.
All foundation proceeds to benefit Mercy Corps .

Yes, Michael Stipe buys blog advertising.

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"Pop music of the highest quality."

"Not just another boring band with guitars."

"A breath of fresh air in a music scene overcrowded with cookie cutter artistry."

Listen to Foxes & Hounds by THE SHARP THINGS. Free ship: BLOGAD

Yes! Great ad linking to blog reviews, the site, a "listen" page, and a shipping page. Dig, too, the blog-savvy variation in linking styles: some partial text, some single words, some full sentences!

The destination site also sizzles, richly woven with links, rhetorical styles and invitations to get involved, aka buy and/or lobby DJs. This is the most blog-savvy music ad yet.

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Photo Collection from Nick Zinner - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

"I think you might assume there was some sarcasm in this title, but I think Nick genuinely does hope 'you are all happy now'. That is the feeling I get from his photos, that he really loves the people he takes pictures of." - Spike Jonze

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