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Great Publishing Ads
"THINK YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? You won't know for sure until
you read this absolutely fantastic book." — Steven D. Levitt

"...the best book this year." — Tyler Cowen

"If you have even the slightest curiosity about the human condition, you
ought to read it." — Malcolm Gladwell

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and get Daniel Gilbert's thoughts on tofu, baseball,heroin — and dad!

Sweet image, lots of links!

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Give the perfect Father’s Day gift
51 weeks of
The Economist
at 61% off the
newsstand price.
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Political Cartoonist Pat Bagley's wickedly clever parody follows our war-monkey-president into the nation's most hilarious blunder since Vietnam!

"A gleefully fiendish read!" -R.C. Harvey

"A little gem of a book that distills the Bush mis-presidency down to its essence."

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New in paperback from SARA GRAN, author of DOPE

"This year's scariest novel." -Time Out

"A great book...scary and evil and powerful."
-Sherman Alexie

"Hypnotic, disturbing."
-Bret Easton Ellis

"A new kind of psychological thriller."
-George Pelecanos

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Jay's Tour Diary PODCAST
If this is representative of what authors plan to do with the form, I hope we’ll see more of it. -edrants

Hear Jay recap tour hijinks gone by, react to drunken car crash, dish about stars at book party, reply to Sunday Styles, compare self to Bret Ellis, and feel the 80's after visiting Spago.

Exclusive links to author's podcasting dish, prime chow for dish-junkies.

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There is no perfect mother.
Perfect Madness "blows the lid off American mothers' dirty little secret." -SF Chronicle

"Manifestos blast their way into the popular consciousness on two kinds of fuel: recognition...and rage... Judith Warner's Perfect Madness brims with both." -NYT Book Review

Join the discussion.

Hear more.

Sometimes not using the whole 150X200 image can be very effective, particularly when the smaller image resonates with the theme of the ad.

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You May Have Seen Them at the Exhibit...
See them all again.

"buy the catalogue"-From the Floor
"lots of funny plastic and plush toys"-nootropic
"Wayne Thiebaud-esque elephant poop"-what about the plastic animals?
"Wasteful and Enchanting"-reBang

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The New Republic
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Palestinians don't think Ariel Sharon's fate will affect theirs.

Past Perfect
How Sharon's successor could succeed.

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"....don't think it's a marketing
."-Caffeinated Adventures
"It's not impossible to infuse religion into pop culture."-rod 2.0
"a manner seldom attempted
before."-Speculative Catholic
"So much needs to be said...." --Beliefnet. "There's so much misinformation...."-ANNE RICE here & here

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STATE OF FEAR ... now in paperback!

"There’s no one else like him ... " --Weekly Standard

"...a lightening technopolitical thriller ... every bit as informative as it is entertaining." --Wall Street Journal

Read an excerpt.

Order your copy today.

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Colby Buzzell--the soldier/blogger they couldn't silence!
Get the full story behind Colby's groundbreaking war blog cbftw and his service on Iraq's front lines.

A great read. Unflinchingly critical of the military, himself, and the Iraqis—and strongly supporting the fight—Buzzell brings the human side to the War on Terror.”

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In GIT-R-DONE I'll tell you:

Why the United Nations is useless. Other than Ted Kennedy what could be more unnecessary than these sumbitches? They can park where they want, fondle women, cuss out valet parkers and get away with it. They're kinda like Colin Farrell with fewer screen credits.

Great photo, text that speaks from the heart, font types mixed.

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The Passion of
Tom Cruise

The untold story of Scientology’s Movie-Star Martyr.

Donatella’s Last Dance?
Can Donatella salvage the glittering empire her brother built?

Click Here To Get a FREE Trial Issue.

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“A tremendous book... incredibly gripping and incredibly well-written.”
--Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

"Shockingly good."
--Daily Kos

"I read John Crawford's book twice this week."
--Military Wife

"Impossible to put down."

--The Elegant Variation

Though the image could be sharper, great allusive links to blog commentaries.

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The Clock Is Ticking

Who likes it:
" Ken Timmerman's book"--Brian Kilmeade, FOX News

Laura's Must Read--Laura Ingraham

Who hates it:
Observations by Carl Worden--Sierra Times

Read an EXCERPT from Chapter 1

The first ad I know of to quote a critic! Great both for legitimacy and because, often, in the battle of ideas having good enemies is often more important than having good friends. (I don't love book cover ads, but the readable text on the book cover and red-background make the image work too.)

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Hillary Book: New Revelations!
A new book about Hillary Clinton is being rushed to print. The Drudgereport and other insiders say the book -- by Ed Klein -- makes startling revelations that could destroy Hillary’s bid to run for the presidency in 2008. For full story go here now!

Strong image and language.

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Looking for smart and fun news about this ol’ planet of ours?

Check out Gristmill, the blog of the award-winning, environmental magazine Grist.

Not to worry, we're not your typical tree huggers.

Honest to, um, goddess. Or uh, nature fairies, or whatever. Click here!

Great image, concept, execution = lots of happy readers.

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Ultra-Current, Ultra-Raw, Ultra-Edgy Political Comix. Full year Archived. Not for everyone.

Fun topical images get lots of clicks!

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Think enviro news is too dreary?

Well then -- hot damn! -- try Grist.

Sign up now and enter to win a trip!

Our funny, smart and FREE green news will keep you in the know, and chuckling -- all the way to planetary Armageddon. We kid!

One of a series of eye-catching images from Grist magazine.

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In Commonweal: What The Church Needs Now
In the latest Commonweal, theologian Richard Gaillardetz asks for a leader who “recognizes that we do not so much possess divine truth as it possesses us.” Also, commentary on the next papacy from Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, William Shea, and others.

Timely, eye-grabbing magazine cover with links to specific articles and commentary.

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The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
Download the never-before-seen GOP Powerpoint document that was made unintentionally available to the Dems before the 2004 election--includes Karl Roves actual script. THE VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY is the behind-the-scenes look at the powerful liberal movement this document inadvertently created

Cool use of supporting documentation -- in this case a Karl Rove secret report -- to engage reader interest.

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"A remarkably successful remix of the traditional race novel"
-- San Francisco Chronicle

Click here to download an MP3 of the prologue (explicit lyrics)

Learning from Knopf's blogad for Kafka on the shore, Crown Books serves up a strong image, a link, and (a first for a book ad) an MP3 of the prologue... complete with the bait "explicit lyrics."

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Everyone is Talking
"Knopf has outdone itself with the Haruki Murakami website. You can spend the rest of the day there." --Bookslut

"He is so famous in Japan, now the rest of the globe is catching on to his singular vision." --MetaFilter

"Wow! Author as rock star." --Mindfuel

From the creative folks at Knopf, this is the first real blogad as blog ad! Shrewdly sacrificing direct clicks for bigger blogosphere buzz, the ad text quotes/links what some leading blogs have written about the Knopf author's site. In effect, the ad is itself a mini-blog post.

Advertising guru Steve Hall posts: "Quite ingeniously, Knopf has bought their way into the word of mouth space and is, smartly, using the words of others, rather than its own, to promote the book. This approach works well on weblogs as linking to other sources is common practice."

More thinking about books, advertising and online word of mouth.

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This Week in The New Republic
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Empty Trough
Bush's new plan to cap agricultural subsidies makes great sense. Too bad he doesn't really want it to pass.

Off Target
The U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal is not really a scandal. It worked exactly has expected. And that's the problem.

Get 4 Free Weeks of TNR.

Blog readers are current events junkies who love to click on links, so smart content sellers give 'em actual content to chew on (like the clickable headlines over there), rather than babbling about "we're great and cheap!"

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