In an increasingly atomized media landscape, blogs are vital hubs for socializing and public discussion.


Advanced data and technology help you reach your most likely audience of mavens and influencers.


We power a broad range of ad types, from our proprietary Blogads native display creative to video to social.


Find the perfect audience for your campaign, build ads, and launch with just a few clicks.

Our Story

Long before there was social media, there was Blogads. Launched in 2002 by web pioneer Henry Copeland, Blogads enabled advertisers to reach influential, passionate audiences who found unique perspectives, community and connectivity on leading blogs and forums.

Fifteen years later, we’re relaunching Blogads for the social age, empowering advertisers to target these very influential audiences across leading platforms, websites in key verticals, and — yes —blogs.

Our easy-to-use platform is powered by advanced programmatic technology and unique audience data that combine our love for blogs with the sophistication of a modern media company.

Create a new campaign in a few easy steps:

1. Select your audience

Whether you’re targeting fashionistas, politicos, foodies, tech nerds, LGBTQ, socialites or gamers, Blogads offers over 24 different interest-based categories to choose from.

2. Select targeting

Choose your target demographics, campaign start-and-end dates, platforms and budget. You will see your impression and cost quote update in real-time as you adjust the parameters.

3. Select your creative

Upload ads you’ve already designed, or use our elegant DIY Blogad builder to create completely custom ads in minutes.

Payment options:

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